iAmplify - No Longer Affiliated

iAmplify is no longer affiliated with our site. But don't despair. We have partnered with some of the audio industry's largest and most customer friendly sites.

We encourage you to visit these outstanding sites:

Click here to start your own radio station on


Click here to get 7 days of Napster for FREE provides the means for leading celebrities, experts and media companies to self-publish paid audio and video content over the Internet.

For these content makers, iAmplify provide software, hardware and production assistance to create streams, downloads and podcasts of their material.

For online retailers, iAmplify offer plug-and-play merchandizing, which can serve their customers targeted downloadable products. Shoppers can purchase downloads a-la-carte or via ongoing subscriptions.

For media publishers, iAmplify provide new ways to sell content directly to their existing audiences and distribution to new markets being created by emerging ipod and mobile technologies.

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