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Tweeter is no longer affiliated with our site. But don't despair. We have partnered with some of the audio industry's largest and most customer friendly sites.


When Tweeter say that they're different, it's not just lip service. Hard work and talented salespeople have allowed them to blossom into a nationwide chain. But they take a completely different approach than the other nationwide chains.

They hire salespeople who really care about the equipment and give them the best training in the industry. All their salespeople are prepared to answer your questions.

They offer mid- to high-end products, while most other national chains offer low- to mid-end products. They assume that their customers are as passionate about music, movies and equipment as they are.

They were voted "Consumer Electronic Retailer of the Year" four out of the last five years by AudioVideo International and "1999 Retail Leader" by Twice Magazine.

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